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How is AT-Tech different from other recruiters?

We are able to be a single point of contact for all your contingent staffing and workforce management needs.  We offer permanent, contract and contract-to-hire staffing services across a broad spectrum of disciplines, from traditional IT staffing to highly specialized fields including gaming, oil and gas technology, engineering and more. 

As an added value and proven time-saver, AT-Tech also offers the asset of fast non-technical staffing through our strategic partnerships with:

  • AppleOne Employment Services
  • All's Well Health Care Services
  • Accounting Advantage

This gives you the convenience of a single point of contact for all your staffing needs.

What do you know about my company/industry?

AT-Tech's Business Development managers and recruiters work together to research your company thoroughly, as well as the latest industry standards and trends — all before our first meeting with you. We reach out to our networks to gain insight into the competitive landscape, and we ask the right questions to learn not just the hard skills you need, but what kind of candidate will blend seamlessly into your corporate culture and existing team on day one.

In addition, our recruiters are Subject Matter Experts, specializing in various IT and technical categories, so they genuinely understand the skill sets you require in potential candidates.

How long have you been in business? 

The staffing professionals of AT-Tech have been finding the right candidate for the job since 1978.  Today we provide technical staffing services in twenty-six states.

We’re a national company, with all the large-scale capabilities and resources that comprises, but with over three hundred offices throughout the U.S., our viewpoint and expertise is focused locally.

Aren't you drawing from the same pool of candidates as other agencies?

While most staffing agencies utilize the same major job boards, AT-Tech also has an internal candidate database consisting of hundreds of thousands of pre-screened prospective employees.

But what really sets AT-Tech apart is our creative recruiting techniques, both in person and via online social and professional networks.  These techniques uncover the “hidden” candidates, workers who may not even be actively looking for new jobs, but who possess the unique skills you need, the so-called “passive” candidates traditional recruiters often miss.

How do you screen your candidates?

We offer four proven components to our interview/screening process that can be customized as appropriate to determine each candidate’s background and hard and soft skills.

Via an initial interview we explore each applicant’s work history, looking to discover what makes them “tick” and whether or not he or she will be an appropriate candidate for your needs.  We supplement these formal interviews by following up with the candidate after each phase of the process, checking and re-checking to ascertain how they will fit into your corporate family.

We can Prove It™
With our Prove It™ technical skill testing, we can evaluate applicants’ key technical skill levels, thereby eliminating any ambiguity and establishing definitively that each candidate possesses the up-to-the-minute capabilities you need on day one.

Optional background & drug screening
We offer full background checks and drug screening as needed.

Reference Checking
AT-Tech is committed to ensuring every candidate meets your expectations, both technically and professionally.  That’s why we require multiple work references from every candidate, and we guarantee that references are checked and documented to protect you.

I’m interested in fulfilling company diversity goals — can you help?

We are the largest certified minority-owned staffing firm in the U.S., so if you’re looking to establish or meet diversity goals, or to achieve EOC targets, we have decades of expertise in the field.

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