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AT-Tech's success rate in finding direct hire placements who stay with their new employers at least one year is over 90%.

A productive, professional IT team can mean millions in revenue, plus the invaluable asset of satisfied customers. 

AT-Tech makes talent acquisition simple, minimizing risk and maximizing ease, with a streamlined recruiting process, objective performance metrics, and even the option for single-source pre-employment testing, screening and background checks.

Our Services


Our contract-to-hire program was created for clients who appreciate their AT-Tech contract employees so much that they want to hire them. This service can also be used as a trial period to test the fit of a candidate before that person becomes a full-time member of your staff.

Advantages of our contract-to-hire program:

  • No time is lost in finding an applicant to fill the position
  • Employee's work history is already known to you
  • Employee is already familiar with your business environment
  • Eliminates the need for additional screening, training and interviewing

Since AT-Tech makes a significant investment in the recruiting, testing, training and evaluation of our contract employees, our fee normally consists of a mutually agreed-upon percentage of the new employee's annual salary.  We also offer a credit based on the length of time our employee has working at your business.

Direct Hire

AT-Tech provides complete direct hire placement services, using both traditional and innovative Web- and social-networking techniques to discover and recruit the most talented candidates. Applicants' skills are then tested and their assessment scores entered into our database, so AT-Tech staffing managers can pinpoint candidates who fit your particular job requirements.  Our efficient search and recruiting strategies create significant savings, while providing you with high quality placements precision-matched to your specific needs. 

AT-Tech's direct hire services include:

  • Professional and executive search
  • Traditional and internet-based recruiting
  • Stringent applicant screening and interviews
  • Objective skills testing
  • Reference and education verification

AT-Tech's success rate in finding direct hire placements who stay with their new employers at least one year is over 90%.

Master Vendor

Your primary focus should be running your business.  But that can be difficult when you're also trying to coordinate multiple staffing vendors, often in several locations, and even duplicating efforts across departments.  Additionally, it can be tricky to manage spending and ensure you're not paying more than you should.  

AT-Tech's Master Vendor service lets you simplify your life.  As Master Vendor, we provide a single point of contact for all your staffing suppliers, ensure uniform terms and billing rates, and offer you the simplicity of a single invoice process, no matter how many departments or locations require staffing.

As Master Vendor, AT-Tech will:

  • Consolidate vendors, manage contracts and monitor performance to maximize the value of all vendor relationships
  • Implement cost reduction strategies, including through rate management
  • Provide strategic and best practices insight to optimize labor procurement operations
  • Support a vendor-neutral atmosphere to promote standardized practices and achieve higher quality of labor
  • Mitigate risks associated with contingent labor, including co-employment


Every business faces the challenge of special technical projects.  Whether it's updating your CRM infrastructure, purchasing and installing new servers, or any of the myriad short-term yet crucial tasks that crop up in business, you need expert help fast.  What you don't need is distractions like supervising an outside vendor, or the hassle of reassigning key in-house personnel to complete the task while you struggle by with a skeleton crew to serve the day-to-day needs of your business.

AT-Tech Outsourcing provides you with elite technical professionals who get the job done, help your staff integrate the new system if needed, and then it's back to business for you and your team – no administrative hassles, just clean, professional high-tech projects completed on time and on budget.


In cases where your preferred candidate doesn't meet IRS qualifications to become an independent contractor, and your firm isn't in a position to hire new personnel, AT-Tech also offers our Payrolling service.

With AT-Tech Payrolling, we hire and pay the candidate, then contract him or her back to your company for work at your location, while maintaining their complete employment records at AT-Tech.  You get all the convenience of a full-time, W-2 employee, with none of the paperwork or budget hassles.

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